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 I’m Angel a uk clairvoyant, a genuine white witch and I work mainly with the love and affairs of the heart for whcih I am a specialist clairvoyant. I am an experienced clairvoyant, and angel worker, working directly with my guides and upon request the angels, to bring accurate and genuine clairvoyant readings. I also carry out angel readings and tarot readings online. As well as being an accurate clairvoyant and tarot reader I have a lot of experience,having been reading professionally for over 25 years. I offer readings from just £11.99


Angels Same Day Psychic Readings, 1 Question mini reading for when things cannot wait! Approx 300 words. UK Psychic,  Fast Readings for Urgent Matters Please order by 2pm Monday to Friday and before Noon on Saturdays for delivery by email the same day.After these times you will get priority for the next working day.


My Angel and clairvoyant readings website is well established and has been online for over 17 years now bringing clairvoyant readings and angel readings to people from all across the world. All of my online readings are well-known for their accuracy and helpful guidance that is offered. The clairvoyant and angel readings that I offer can be completed using various different methods,I mostly use pure angelic guidance, direct from the angels around you or your guardian angel, or I can use just my clairvoyant ability to bring you a pure clairvoyant reading if that is your preference.
If you prefer that I use tarot cards,then clairvoyant tarot is a good choice. Pure clairvoyant readings are also available, I just use clairvoyance and no other aids. There is also the option to have an angel card reading. All of my clairvoyant and angel readings are completed by linking into the angels and spirit guides that are around us, or by using angel cards. 

Clairvoyant Love Reading just £19.99, ask 3 questions on matters of love, romance and relationships and I will answer them for you quickly, compassionately with guidance and advice for the way forward. Will we get back together? Has my lover met someone else? is he/she cheating on me? All of these things can be looked at within this reading. Just £19.99 exceptional value for your clairvoyant reading. By email or post. Angel, Accurate UK Clairvoyant..Pay by Paypal or credit/debit card. 24-48 hour turnaround.

All my readings are listed below!
Special offer pure clairvoyant, angel guidance or Angel Card readings now available at only £11.99 please book your reading below.Please note I do not read on Sundays or Bank Holidays.Please note I do not work with health or pregnancy questions at all.

Order your Clairvoyant Reading below 1, 2, 3 or 4 Questions.......... PAY by Credit/Debit CardPayPal

1 Question Mini Clairvoyant Reading £11.99 24-48 hour turnaround.

2 Ques Psychic ,Psychic Tarot, Angel Card Reading  £16.99 24-48 hour turnaround.

3 Questions Clairvoyant Love Reading on matters of love, romance and relationships  £19.99 24-48 hour turnaround.

4 Question Angel Psychic or Psychic Tarot Reading £23.99 24-48 hour turnaround.

5 Question Angel Psychic Relationship Reading  £37.99 24-48 hour turnaround.

5 Question Angel and Spirit Guide Reading £44.99 Available on fridays only, advance booking is essential.

The angel cards are a more recent addition to my selection of readings. As I feel that I was drawn to them with guidance from my own angels, and I now use angel cards each day for many people in order to bring them uplifting, positive and empowering psychic readings. When carrying out an angel card reading I draw upon all of my experience as a natural psychic clairvoyant and tarot reader to interpret the messages that are being shown to me. 

My psychic readings are available from this website, these range from a one question mini psychic reading up to a five question angel and spirit guide reading. The readings can be completed for you if you prefer just using my psychic ability and then this will be completed without the use of tarot cards. Some people prefer to have their psychic reading carried out for them with the added benefit of tarot cards or incorporating angelic guidance, all of these options are available at very reasonable rates.

For those of you that are new to angel card readings or have not experienced one before I should perhaps explain that the cards draw upon the energies of the angels and archangels that are around us all, helping with our lives and in the hands of an experienced psychic reader can provide great in depth advice and understanding that you may not find from any other card reading. This I feel is why although I am experienced in tarot and clairvoyance I was “drawn” to working with the angel cards.

If your preference is for an angelic guidance reading with input from the spirit guides then I can complete this for you. 

These readings are still psychic readings but I will also link in with your angels to bring you a true angel reading during which your questions can be answered, and during the majority of these readings I am given guidance from your own angels and guardian angel as well as the spirit guides that are around you at this time. Angel readings are slightly different in nature than just a clairvoyant or psychic tarot readings and the energy that comes from these beings is very light indeed. 

The Angel Commitment

You will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. You can ask any questions that are on your mind and I will do my best to get the answers you seek, using psychic, clairvoyant, tarot or angel readings. I always ensure that healing energy from your angels is sent to you both during your angel or psychic reading and afterwards so that the help, support and guidance that they want you to have is readily available to you. All of my work is strictly confidential.

Personal Attention is guaranteed

I don't make any extravagant claims, but the fact that the vast majority of my clients return for further work, I feel, speaks for itself.

Relationship Specialist

A great deal of my work is connected with helping people with their relationships. I have worked in this area for a long time now and my relationship readings, support and advice is both well known and genuinely helpful. For those that are looking for a little extra help. you may wish to look at my angel magic website. My spell work is mainly angelic in nature, but I am a white witch and I do carry out other types of magic.

Angel therapy

Dolphin and Mermaid

Angels of Atlantis

Ask an Angel

Messages from Angels

Ascended Masters


Some people prefer their psychic or Angel card readings to be carried out online or by post so that they are able to refer back to it over a longer period and it stays fresh in the mind. But clairvoyant readings however carried out are best done to your personal preference, and what feels right to you. No one clairvoyant is the perfect person for everyone, and I have found that a number of my clients also have readings with other people from time to time as a different clairvoyant sometimes has a different perspective on something. The vast majority of my clients become regulars and I have a lot of people who have been coming to me for clairvoyant readings for many many years now. They have become friends and it's lovely to see how things progress for people. Quite often people will ask me for an Angel card reading as they have not had one of these before. It is really down to personal preference and I usually work with angelic guidance within my clairvoyant readings any way, but the Angel card readings are specific way of tapping in with certain angelic beings and the direction that these Angel clairvoyant readings takes can be quite different to a psychic, tarot, or straight clairvoyant reading.

  • Relationship Specialist
  • Personal attention 
  • Sensitive and Understanding
  • Totally confidential services
       hi angel, thank you for my reading,, it helped me an enormous amount, your reading came from the heart and for this I am grateful. I will definitely recommend you and call upon your divine service in future if in need/or just for some help along the way instead of trying to do it all alone... much love and gratitude C.M Kent